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mercredi 22 juin 2016

Incredible Edible

Cet article en français.

Ok, this article is late. It should have been posted weeks ago, following the French version. We are sorry for the delay.

Do you know the Incredible Edible Movement? It started in 2008 at Todmorden, in the north of England. It started with the wish to make public space edible and available for every citizen walking nearby. It is a different way to build the community and be inclusive: As Pam Warhurst says, "If you eat, you're in". Here's her fabulous Ted Talk about the project.

Fortunately the project resounded across oceans a while ago already. This year, in St-Timothée in Québec, a great citizen initiative for an edible trail was created at the end of May 2016. The amazing Jasmine Kabuya Racine, and her collaborators of all stripes, Annie Vallières, Martine Chouinard, Isabelle Pépin, Guylaine Jeannette, Alexandra Verner, Audrée Bourdeau (life district agent at the PRAQ) and Maggy Hinse (environment counselor for the city) talk about the project in this french video:

Let's hope this kind of project keeps growing here, in Québec!

On Jasmine's blog about the project. On that occasion, she invites her neighbours to the grand opening of the trail, on the 23rd of June 2016.
Maybe we'll find  "four seasons"  strawberries on this trail? Producing berries for the entire gardening season, people passing by would then be able to taste them until the freezes of October!

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