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mardi 15 août 2017

Let's talk "strawberrilly"

 Cet article en français.


We praised strawberries many times on this blog : in one of my first articles, we talked about them and almost each year, we mentionned them in our closing-of-the-season articles... I even wrote the story of a false strawberry !  

Well, after all, strawberries are among the first fruits to be savoured directly in the garden ! On my plot, I have two varieties : the wild strawberry (on the photo above) of which the harvest lasts for nearly three weeks, and the arctic strawberry, giving us fruits at the end of the spring, just like the first one, and then, taking a small break during summer heat and giving a bit more in autumn.

Growing right through my golden oregano, this plant is similar to a standard strawberry, but is bigger and a lot more robust.
And here I am with a new variety of strawberry that will most likely impress: the Pineberry (Fragaria Ananassa), "fraise albinos" in French. It gives white berries sporting red-tinged seeds! Naturally, we didn't have a big crop since our plants are putting their energy in settling into their new environment. But it seems that even the dense carpet of golden oregano doesn't impede them! Their taste is excellent: giving a good, typical strawberry flavour, they also have a faint taste similar to pineapple according to some people, hence its latin name (ananassa).
Pineberries in the middle contrast neatly with the traditionnal strawberries to the right and the red currants to the left.
 From now on with three different varieties of strawberries, my springs will be festive for sure !

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