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lundi 30 novembre 2015

Of Life and Death

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Since almost a month and a half, nature seems frozen. Even if some plants persist stubbornly in their decline, the weather seems stuck between two states : not a leaf in the trees, but we're still waiting for the  snow to settle in. 

But today, I have an opportunity to smile. Last October I thought I had killed one of my favorite plant because of my own laziness. But after a whole month at playing dead, it is came back to life!

My plant - a Begonia Rex, variety 'Snail' - needs to be inside for winter and, alas, I let it outside during the first frost of the season. Every leaf died after that, but I was secretly hoping that the roots had survived. Therefore, this last month it sulked sadly on a windowsill. I almost quit on it, tempted to give it a proper funeral on the compost pile. Luckily, I refrain from doing just that!

This plant stub seem irrevocably dead, but bathing in sunlight, a little new leaf is peaking through.
Four small, delicate leaves just emerged and hopefully soon a rich, white coat will eventually cover the landscape. Welcome to the winter garden of 2015!

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