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samedi 5 mai 2012

Beauty and Weirdness in Springtime

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Louise :
My turn to show you a couple snapshots of my garden!

Snowdrop (Galanthus, pictured above), Glory-of-the-snow (Chionodoxa), crocuses, Dog's-tooth violet (Erythronium), pushkinias (P. Scilloides), Siberian squill (Scilla Siberica) are the first to bloom gloriously. Then, when the flowering ends, they just have to accumulate their reserves for next year and go back in dormancy.
Pink Glory-of-the-snow
Crocuses Ruby Giant
Bulbs' blooms - and spring flowers in general - don't last long.
These plants have to hurry up to complete their reproduction cycle before the first tree leaves appear, which then will shade them from the sun.
Lovage -a tasty perrenial that is reminiscent of celery leaves.

Lily of the valley - my mother's favorite flower - unfolds slowly in the sunshine.
A floral stalk as already appeared, preparing its bloom in a couple of weeks.
Grape hyacinth's solid blue contrasts lovingly
with the coral trumpets of the narcissus in the backdrop.

A double narcissus couldn't stay up with the snowfall 3 days ago.
Tulipa Tarda
This is a botanic type of tulip
(meaning it keeps its wild state from its country of origin).
It is considered a perrenial since it grows and expands year after year.
It also propagates itself by seed.

Tulipa Greigii Red Riding Hood.
Another botanical tulip that will stay strong year after year if it likes its assigned place.
That's why it's considered a perennial.

Darwin tulips (this one in pink) are considered
one of the most perennials in the hybridized tulips category.
I had a bunch that lasted 10 years and it even expanded a bit

before a deer came along and ate it.
Guess what this is?
First clue : it's flora.

Second clue :
It creates a cloud of dust when a good pressure is applied.

Third clue :
it once was edible.
Here's what it looked like last October.
Thats when I named it "the piglet".
Go take a look in this past article.

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