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samedi 26 mai 2012

Under the rain portrait

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Do you take a walk around your garden when it rains? I do because it's a fabulous world out there and perfect weather for certain tasks like transplanting a plant, albeit a very messy endeavor. Here's a portrait of my rainy garden in spring.

Juneberry full of flowers


Hostas slowly unrolling its tropical-looking leaves

Delicate Peach flowers

Spring is the ideal moment for observation, where we can witness nature waking up gradually, seeds sprout slowly and plants generally turning to beautiful colors.

This moment of wonder helps us to see what has changed in our environment after winter. For instance, I can already state that, because of such a mild winter, there's a lot more ants and butterflies than usual in my yard and since the snow cover wasn't always adequate, my 2 thymes have unfortunately died.

These times of reflexion allow us to judge what the garden will need this season and we can do this task in the delight of spring visions, even though they are transitory.

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